20 Celebrities Who Live the Vape Life

20 Celebrities Who Live the Vape Life

20 Celebrities Who Live the Vape Life


These days, everyone who’s anyone is living that vape life. From The Weeknd partnering up with PAX to create his own Limited Edition vaporizer to Sarah Silverman famously pulling out her pen on the Emmys red carpet, vapes are the entertainment industry’s newest go-to accessory. And we get it—when you’re living life on the go just like them, who’s got time to roll a smoke? There’s too much performing, filming, partying, and living that luxe life to slow down for a cig you can’t even bring indoors. It seems that more and more of today’s rich and famous are truly starting to realize this. Here are 20 celebrities who’ve turned to vaping to get their smoke break on.

The Weeknd

Image via Getty Images/John Parra

Talk about commitment, The Weeknd literally signed his name on the dotted line to that vape life. The singer now has his own customized vaporizer, called The Madness Tour Limited Edition Pax 2.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Image via Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

Leo DiCaprio’s go-to date? His vape. The Golden Globes? It’s been there. SNL’s 40th Anniversary Show (where Miley Cyrus complained about him hogging the pen)? It scored a ticket. His yacht and multiple islands across the seven seas? It’s traveled it all.

Katy Perry

Image via Getty Images/Stefania D’Alessandro

While her friends spent the day draining beers and chillin’ out by her pool, Perry kept herself cool by puffing on her vape.

Tom Hardy

Image via Getty Images/Dave J Hogan

Tom Hardy simply DGAFs. He’s the kind of dude who’ll post underwear selfies, absolutely commit himself to insane dubsmash videos, and take a few hits out of his vape on camera during a press junket.

Jhene Aiko

Image via Getty Images/Joseph Okpako

Want a visual of Jhene Aiko living that vape life? Just watch her video for “Bed Peace,” featuring Childish Gambino. Look close enough, and you see the two pass their discrete PAX vaporizer back and forth in between bars.

Snoop Dogg

Image via Getty Images/Emma McIntyre

Smoking and Snoop Dogg and inseparable. It’s difficult to even conjure up an image of the rapper without his best friend Mary Jane. Thus, it’s no surprise that when he’s not rolling fat blunts, he hits his vape.

Alison Brie

Image via Getty Images/Bravo

Who knew little Annie Edison was about that life? PAX did, apparently. The company sent the Community actress a personalized vape that she’s known to absolutely adore.

Michelle Rodriguez

Image via Getty Images/Tibrina Hobson

Michelle Rodriguez is such a fan of vaping that it’s become contagious amongst her friends. From Zac Efron to Cara Delevingne, Rodriguez has been known to pass the pen to her friends. How sweet.

Johnny Depp


Image via Getty Images/John Phillips

Johnny Depp smoked a vape in front of audiences all over the world in his Angelina Jolie-co-starrer The Tourist, but he’s been snapped taking the habit off screen as well.

Robert Pattinson


Image via Getty Images/Grant Lamos IV

Paparazzi sightings of Robert Pattinson vaping are as ubiquitous as safe sex ads in Hollywood. That said, hands down the best footage of the actor enjoying a vape has to be this fan video of him taken with FKA twigs draking at Coachella.


Image via Getty Images/Christopher Polk

Rihanna’s signature look: dancing in a bikini, smoking a blunt on a yacht somewhere in heaven on Earth. When the rolling papers run out, you already know her vape is her go-to.


Image via Getty Images/Frank Hoensch

The alt band enjoys vaping so much they publicly declared their love. “We swear by the pax lyfe. A vaporizer is better for preserving our voices, and we can often use it in more public places on the DL. Shhh,” MS MR told Noisey.

Lady Gaga

Image via Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Vaping doesn’t quite look as classy with anyone as it does with Lady Gaga. Maybe it’s her vintage look, but every photo of the singer-turned-American Horror Story star smoking her vape recalls a modern Holly Golightly.

Asher Roth

Image via Getty Images/Chelsea Lauren

What’s Asher Roth been up to? Vaping. That’s the only acceptable answer. When he’s not touring small venues and slowly building back his brand, we’re assuming he’s enjoying his PAX vaporizer.

Big Boi

Image via Getty Images/Moses Robinson

Pics of Big Boi publicly smoking out is a rarity these days. At least, he hardly posts pics of him puffing away on his Instagram. However, that doesn’t mean the Outkast rapper doesn’t enjoy his handy vaporizer every once in awhile.

Kate Moss

Image via Getty Images/Anthony Harvey

Kate Moss is apparently trying to kick her cigarette habit, so she’s turning to vapes. In fact, Moss is so devoted to it The Daily Mirror reported that the model spent over $2k to fly her e-cigs to Spain with her.

Donald Glover

Image via Getty Images/Michael Tran

The writing’s on the wall. From his appearance in Jhene Aiko’s “Bed Peace” to his “Getting High with Childish Gambino” interview for ANDPOP, the comedian/rapper is clearly all about his PAX vaporizer.

Zayn Malik

Image via Getty Images/Jason LaVeris

Ever since leaving One Direction, Zayn Malik’s been at work on his personal brand. That includes establishing himself as a Vape Life Practitioner, who loves to get deep with it on Instagram.

Sarah Silverman

Image via Getty Images/Araya Diaz

No one can top Sarah Silverman outing herself as a vaper. The comedian hilariously pulled out her vape on E!’s Emmys pre-show last year, making host Giuliana Rancic shirk in awkwardness.


Image via Getty Images/Cole Burston

Where Drake is, you can trust that a hookah isn’t far away. But, if it’s too cumbersome to carry around at, say, a crowded party, the rapper’s likely to have a vape on a hand.

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