How to Fix That Burnt Taste in Your Vape

How to Fix That Burnt Taste in Your Vape

When you start to vape, the taste of your e-liquid should be pleasant and enjoyable. However, sometimes there is that one flavour that tastes funny or burnt. This happens due to different factors that affect the original taste of vaping. So let us check out the reasons why that might happen and how to fix it.

What is the burnt taste in your vape?

If you are a vaper, chances are you have experienced the burnt taste in your vape. It is an unpleasant sensation that can ruin your vaping experience. There are a littlereason why this might occur and there are a few methods to fix it.

The most common reason for the burnt taste is that your coil is dry. When the vape’s coil is dry, it does not vaporise the e-liquid as effectively which leads to a burning sensation. The solution here is simple - just make sure to keep your coil moistened with e-liquid all the time. This can be done by dripping e-liquid directly onto the coil before you vape, or by using a cotton ball soaked in e-liquid.

Another possible reason for the burnt taste is that your vape’s wattage is too high. If you are using too much power, it can cause the coil to overheat and produce a burnt taste. The solution here is to simply reduce the wattage of your device. Start at a lower wattage and gradually increase it until you find the sweet spot.

Finally, if you have been chain vaping (vaping continuously for extended periods of time), this can also lead to a burnt taste. This is because chain vaping dry out the wick faster than normal, leading to an overheated coil and a burning sensation. To fix this, you should take breaks between puffs so that your wick has time to re-saturate with e-liquid.

Why Does My Vape Get Burnt Taste?

Have you everexperienced the dreaded burnt taste while vaping? There are a few reasons why your vape might taste burnt.

  • Dirty Coil: The most basic reason is that the coil in your device is dirty or damaged. When the coil is heated, it vaporises the e-liquid that surrounds it. If the coil is dirty, this process is not performed properly and you will end up with a burnt taste.

  • Improper saturation of e-liquid: Another reason for a burnt taste is that the wick in your device is not properly saturated with e-liquid. The wick is what delivers e-liquid to the coil, and if it is not saturated enough, the coil will heat up too quickly and produce a burnt taste.

  • Use of high VG e-liquid: The e-liquids (one with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin) can be more difficult to wick correctly. This type of e-liquid is thicker and takes longer to saturate the wick. If you are using a high VG e-liquid and getting a burnt taste, try switching to a thinner e-liquid or reducing your wattage/voltage settings.

How do I fix the burnt taste in my vape?

If you are getting a burnt taste because of the overheated coil, start by turning off your device and letting it cool down for a few minutes. Once cooled off, remove the tank and unscrew the coil. Inspect the coil to see if it is damaged or burned, and if so, replace it with a new one. On the other hand, if the coil looks fine, reassemble your device and try vaping again. In case you still gets a burnt taste, try increasing the airflow or using a lower wattage setting on your device.


There are some ways that can help you prevent the burnt taste of your vape. Try priming your coils by soaking them in e-juice for 5-10 minutes before vaping. If that does not work, try cleaning your coils with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Finally, if all else fails, replace your coils altogether. With these tips, you should be able to get rid of that nasty burnt taste and enjoy your vape again.

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