Buy Fruit Flavoured E-Juice Online in Australia

There are a lot of vaping flavours available to indulge your senses. At Majo Vape, we have fruit juice flavoured vape delights with the rich taste of berries and fruits to give you a fantastic vaping experience.

The fruit flavoured e-juices are designed to cater for your taste buds and make your vaping experience flavourful. Fruity vapes are a blend of Vegetable glycerine (VG), Propylene glycol (PG) and flavourings.

These high-quality delights are made in a different VG/PG ratio to present you with a new experience that meets your expectations every time. VG is a clear, viscous liquid generated from soybeans or palms used to produce vapour. PG transports the flavour.

Cloud chasers should choose e-juices with a high VG ratio to achieve huge, plumy clouds. VG is also preferred for a softer and more pleasant throat impact. If you would like flavourful and strong throat hits, opt for e-juices high in PG.

Flavourings refer to the blend of sweet, sour, and tangy fruity flavours that will ensure a balanced fruity burst with each inhale.

Fruit flavours in Vape:

Sour notes, tart notes, and sweet notes, sometimes combined in one flavour with fantastic results is a delight. When it comes to fruit vapes, unlikely combinations emerge: mangoes from South America are combined with lychees from Asia, along with apples from North America.

Menthol and mint are two more scents that are frequently paired with fruits. These combinations are commonly referred to as "iced" or "ice" versions because they add a layer of coolness to complement the sweetness of the fruits.

Puffing these exotic e-juices and inhaling your favourite flavour is fun. Numerous e-juice variants in diverse flavours are consistently introduced to make them experience the new flavours. Whatever your preferences may be, there is a wide range of fruity flavours that will satisfy you.

Varieties to experiment:

Many refreshing combinations will give you a burst of fruity flavours inside your mouth on every inhale. Fruity vapes with a refreshing combination of the sweetness of fruit pulp and sweet cream mixture are available to those who like sweet fruity flavours.

The flavours of juicy fruits will splash on your taste buds and will provide you with the ultimate smoke experience. There are abundant choices for sweet flavour lovers like mango peach guava Ice, Banana Ice, Berry Blast.

Berries complemented with a lemon fizz is an excellent choice. These flavours mix well to help you feel happy and relaxed. Fruity flavour vapes with icy menthol refresh you with every inhale.

Pineapple flavoured e-juices and strawberry flavoured e-juices combined with tropical flavours are also popular among young vapers.

Sour, tart notes are loved by many vapers. Sour Melon Surge, Straw Melon Sour, Blueberries Lemon Swirl, Sour Green Apple Gum Flavour, Pineapple Sour Candy are some popular flavours.

Many unique fruity fusion flavours are also available that create a perfect balance. Juicy cantaloupe with a blend of tart citrus, papaya, and sweet mango is a fusion e-juice that you can opt for if you are someone who would like to experiment with flavours.

Other amazing fusion options are strawberry-kiwi-pomegranate and passionfruit-orange-guava, which will be perfect for summer evenings. These juicy fusions will surprise you with unexpected twists.

Don’t settle with the familiar flavours. Rare flavours, like dragon fruit, star fruit and pomegranate, in combination with classic tastes like watermelon, apple and mango, make some amazing combos.

Try new blends and experience the amazing flavours yourself. Experimenting is really fun. New fruit vapes are constantly introduced with amazing fruit juice flavours.

We, at Majo Vape, ensure the quality of fruit vape juices before bringing them to you. Perfect texture and flavours are key factors that make an excellent vaping experience.

We select from the best available e-juice brands that devote their time and effort to research and improve their services. They invest their time to maintain high quality and to produce entirely new flavours that vapers will undoubtedly enjoy.

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With each fruity flavour, you can experience a new fruity burst in your mouth. Set your new trend in vaping with MAJO VAPE.