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Geekvape is among popular vape kits worldwide. Chances are you have already heard about it from friends or fellow vapers or read about it in online discussion forums. As a high-selling brand in Australia, Geekvape offers a wide range of vapes, e-juices, and accessories. You can now check, compare, and buy the high-in-demand Geekvape kits from Majo Vape – home to the best brands of vapes and e-juices in Melbourne.

When it comes to design, the Geekvape is both tough and sleek. Another reason for its popularity is that it is water-proof as well as shock and dust resistant. That means if it slips or falls, there is nothing to worry about. It is so versatile that you can also use it on the go or in any other setting, be it dust and wind-swept highways or trendy nightclubs in the city.

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Browse online or walk into our store to get the look and feel of the Geekvape vape kits. You can now compare the USP and amazing features of the entire range of Geekvape kits before buying. Feel free to talk to our vape kits and e-juices experts. They’ll love to answer any queries that you might have on the mods and e-juices.

Are you confused about ohm power or battery or which mod is best to start your vaping journey with? Are you looking to switch to a higher-end model and get more drag? We’re here to help. Call us or visit our store and get expert advice on a range of models – you’re sure to get one that’s just perfect for you.

Why is Geekvape So Popular?

Geekvape is one of the famous vape brands in Australia, with Geekvape Aegis Legend as its flagship vape series. It has a legion of fans who find it easy to use because of its outstanding features. Here are some of the qualities of these mods that have made them so popular:

  • Build:

    Geekvape vape kit is one of the best in its class as it has a solid build, with a good size display and easy-to-use buttons. This makes it easy to grip in your hand and use freely. The firing button in this design is large, responsive, and distinct. The overall build of this kit is solid without being bulky.

  • Look and feel:

    The mix of rubber, metal, and leather in different models makes it look futuristic. Whether you are left or right-handed, you’ll find it easy to use because of its unique design. You may find it slightly heavier than other mods, which is part of its appeal to the users. It also comes in several eye-catching colours and you can pick up the mod that strikes your fancy.

  • Features:

    The Geekvape mod has several attractive qualities that attract buyers like in-built temperature control. Its ramp-up time is short and also it has a stylish digital display.

  • Functionality:

    The functionality of this Geekvape vape is easy as it comes with a simple interface. You can use clicks to switch on/off the device. You can switch between different modes by pressing the firing button once. Power wattage is adjustable with different options available. You can also adjust the brightness of the display and firmware updates are rolled out from time to time, to keep the device up to date.

Do You Need More Information on Geekvape?

Are you looking for more information on any of the Geekvape kits or accessories? Call us on 0414 580 976 or email us at and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. You can also visit our store in Melbourne and check the devices before buying.

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Geekvape T200 Mod