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KILO Moo Series 100ml



KILO Moo Series 100ml


Vanilla Almond Milk 100ml 70VG/30PG
Our Vanilla Almond Milk is a blend of both nutty and creamy notes. Enjoy the delectable balance of roasted almonds and fresh milk with this all day vape.

Strawberry Milk 100ml 70VG/30PG
Our Strawberry Milk combines the sweet flavors of fresh strawberries and the rich taste of milk, resulting in a decadent burst of flavor.

Coffee Milk 100ml 70VG/30PG
Our Coffee Milk is the perfect brew of bold coffee beans topped off with sweet, creamy milk. A culmination of an enticing coffee vape.

Banana Milk 100ml 70VG/30PG
Our Banana Milk is a flavor fusion of freshly picked bananas, mixed deeply into a cup of refreshing milk. Inhale the taste of bananas with back notes of creamy milk.

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