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Naked Fish Premium E Liquid 50ml



Naked Fish Premium E Liquid 50ml

Naked Fish Premium E Liquid 50ml



Naked Fish – Barracuda – 50ml

Honeydew and variety of other sweet fruits in a tropical medley that dances on your tongue.

Naked Fish – Blue Marlin – 50ml

This is a scrumptious blueberry muffin with a light vanilla glaze on top.

Naked Fish – Great White – 50ml

Fresh and sightly tart key lime pie with a hint of custard, all in a crispy graham cracker crust. 86VG 16PG, 0mg

Naked Fish – Piranha – 50ml

A decadent explosion of vanilla custard swirled together with tasty whipped cream. 83VG 17PG, 0mg

Naked Fish – Stingray – 50ml

Sweet berries and peanut butter with a touch of vanilla results in a buttery smooth nutty juice blend. 68VG 32PG, 0mg

 Naked Fish – Wahoo – 50ml

A fruity cereal and a light vanilla cream blend that is as complex as it is delicious. 71VG 29PG, 0mg



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