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OhmBoy Eliquid 100ml



OhmBoy Eliquid 100ml

 Punch -70VG/30PG

Lets take a quick trip to the tropics for a real fruit punch, start with pineapples and cherries as the base then add in a variety of banknote fruits to top it off. This is truly what a tropical fruit punch embodies


Strawberry, Apple and Peach. Starts off with an amazing strawberry inhale followed by a sour green apple exhale… Oh, It’s not over yet. The peach blends with a hidden lemonade to create something that can only be labeled as God Liquid.


Candy Mango with a tropical twist, other mangos didn’t stand a chance. Someone called the cops, said we killed this flavor.

Melon Punch -70VG/30PG

A Watermelon Punch


Made in USA

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