Vape Shop Tasmania
Vape Shop Tasmania

Tasmania’s Online Vape Store: Electronic Cigarette and E Liquids Vaping Supplies

Majo Vape is the one-stop destination for all your vaping needs in Tasmania. We are an online store with a plethora of vape supplies like mods, e-liquids, replacement coils, batteries and chargers.

Our electronic cigarettes are designed to help smokers and nicotine addicts get over their addiction.

We cater to all kinds of interests and tastes at our vape shop. There are starter kits for people buying their first vape and more advanced vape accessories for seasoned users.

Many Majo Vape customers swear by us because our products are durable, reliable, and of high quality. We also provide a very satisfying customer experience with our huge selection of flavours.

Shop All Our Vaping Supplies at One Place in Hobart, Tasmania

Let’s take a more in-depth look at all the vape supplies available at our online Majo Vape shop. As an online store for vaping supplies, we stock up on all the biggest brands in the vaping market.

UWELL, Geekvape, iJOY, Doozy, Vaporesso, SMOK, Dovpo, Hellvape, and VooPoo are some brands we have on offer. Customers looking for almost any vaping accessory can always find it in our store.

  1. Starter kits

    One of the most popular products at Majo Vape is our starter kits. The starter kit has all the essentials one needs for their first vaping experience. Our customers are free to choose their preferred e-liquid flavour.

  1. Mods

    At Majo Vape, we have many mods available. We have cheap, portable ones for casual users. Then come the high-end mods for a deeper and richer experience - something suitable for advanced users. Customers can choose their mods depending on their type of usage and their budget.

  1. Advanced kits

    This is a full package of great vaping accessories for the perfect vaping experience. The items in these kits are all designed to improve the quality of a vaping session. The advanced kits are targeted toward seasoned vape-users who want a more satisfying and sophisticated experience

  1. Replacement coils/pods

    Vape users will know that they have to regularly replace the coils in their vape pods and also change out their pods from time to time. At Majo Vape, we stock up on all types of coils and pods so that our customers can get their replacements quickly, at the most reasonable prices

  1. Accessories

    Many new vaping accessories have come into the market that elevates the vaping experience for its users. Majo Vape is one of the few online vape shops where customers have access to all the latest and newest vape accessories on the market.

  1. Batteries and chargers

    We sell batteries and chargers for all vape brands so that customers can always use their device on the go without having to worry about running out

  1. Premium e-liquids

    Our vape juice is of the highest quality. We only sell products from the most trusted brands in the market. We have built up a huge repertoire of flavours in our e-liquids selection, They are divided into five broad flavour categories – fruit flavours, dessert flavours, tobacco flavours, beverage flavours, and candy-inspired flavours. Apart from this, we also offer packs so that customers can try out a variety of flavours in a single purchase.

Essential Vaping Information You Should Know

●    Customers should check the nicotine content of their pods before purchasing them. There are zero nicotine pods and low nicotine options for people who wish to avoid or limit nicotine consumption

●    You need to be at least 18 years of age or older to buy a vape or any vape-related products and equipment

●    In Australia, vapes/electronic cigarettes with nicotine content are considered Schedule 4 drugs. This means that nicotine vape supplies or accessories cannot be purchased without a legitimate prescription from a registered medical professional

●    Doctors and medical practitioners can recommend a prescription for a nicotine vape as a method to tackle the vice of smoking

●    Even online purchases of vape products with nicotine from authorised sellers require customers to submit a copy of their prescription from authorised medical personnel

At Majo Vape, we have been able to build a loyal clientele in Australia with the help of our commitment to following rules set by Australian authorities and by focusing on providing high-quality products for our customers.

We understand that customers may have different expectations and experiences with vaping and therefore, have deliberately added a lot of variety and flexibility in our product range and pricing to cater to these different needs.

Anyone is welcome to come to our vape store online and explore the different products and flavours we have on offer.

Choose the Top Online Vape Store for Vaping Products: Majo Vape

Majo Vape is an online store that ships across Australia. We are one of the best online vape shops around for all things vape-related as testified to by our long list of satisfied and happy shoppers.

Our customers in Tasmania and the area around Hobart can get free shipping for any purchases above $150.

Our products are always delivered via Australia Post for safe shipping so remain assured that your orders will always be delivered safely to your hands.

Customers can visit our online website and browse through our listed products of vape supplies and accessories including e-liquids, mods, tanks, replacement coils, and starter kits.

They will then be asked to make payment and put in their shipping address. The estimated delivery date will then be intimated to the customer. At Majo Vape, we pride ourselves on prompt delivery and good after-sales customer service.

Buy all your vape accessories and supplies online in a hassle-free manner and get your products delivered to your doorstep.

Try our innovative flavours like vanilla, strawberry, mocha, caramel, banana, bubble gum, and coconut today. All you have to do is go to our website at, scroll through the categories and pick the product that fancies you the most.

For more information about our services, you can contact us via phone on 0414 580 976 or by email so please write to us at We have professionals, ready to answer all queries about vaping and help you place and track the right order.