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Vape Shop Melbourne

Melbourne's Best Vape Supplies Online Store for Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Accessories

Are you looking for an alternative to quitting smoking? Try vaping using our nicotine-free vape supplies! At Majo Vape, we sell top-quality vapes and vaping supplies at great prices. Though we don’t claim that this will help you quit smoking, vaping is a better alternative compared to smoking as it’s healthier and the e-liquids do not contain nicotine.

You can check out our vape store online for all your vaping needs and buy vapes in Melbourne. Whether you need a new vaping kit or just some e-liquids for your existing vape kit, we offer an extensive range of vaping supplies available at budget-friendly prices. Being an Australian registered online retail company, all items sold at our vape shop or online vape store comply with Australian Laws. These products are nicotine-free and are sold only to people above 18 years of age. Moreover, we also emphasise the fact that knowledge of battery safety and ohm’s law is needed depending on the vaping mod or vaporizer.

Electronic Cigarette and Vape Supplies of Top Brands in Melbourne

Are you wondering where to get a vape near you in Victoria? Buy vaping supplies from the best vape shop in VIC.  At Majo Vape you can be assured that all the products we sell are 100% genuine and of top quality. We also sell vaping supplies from top brands like:

  • Oumier
  • Smoant
  • Smok
  • Snowwolf
  • Squid industries
  • Steam crave
  • Sxmini
  • Teslacigs and many more

You can select from high-end models to flaunt your style or discrete models for quiet vaping as the choice of material, colours, and style in mods is virtually limitless. Visit our Melbourne vape store to see and experience the full range or to speak with our experts who can help you select the best-suited models.

From different vaping mods to premium-quality e-liquids and some of the best vape accessories, you’ll find them all at our store in Victoria. You can visit one of the best vape stores online at You can also search, compare, and choose from our bestselling and vaper’s favourite range of exotic flavours, such as:

  • Fruit
  • Dessert
  • Beverage
  • Tobacco
  • Candy and many more

E-juices have made vaping popular amongst all age groups in VIC and across Australia. Unlike tobacco cigarettes that only have nicotine or tar,  e-cigarettes use e-juices that have a combination of PG and VG. The variety of exotic flavours like fruit-based, dessert-based and various other flavours add to your vaping delight.

Competitively Priced E-Cigarettes in Melbourne

While checking out e-cigarettes in Melbourne, you must visit our store as all our products are sold at competitive prices. You can also check out our website which has a list of products sold at discounted rates! Majo Vape offers delivery of all products across Australia. We can deliver our products to your doorstep within 24 hours.

One of the reasons why vaping has become popular is because it’s cheaper compared to cigarettes and also lasts longer. Additionally, the different flavours of vaping can further enhance your experience. We have a wide range of vaping e-juices available at our store. Just hop onto our website to order a new one when your set gets over!

We also sell products different vaping products and accessories, such as:

  1. Vaping starter kits for beginners:

    If you are new to the vaping scene or are trying to switch from hazardous nicotine smoking to e-cigarettes, this is the best option for you. Buy the best vaping starter kits for beginners that have everything you need to get started on your vaping journey. Our experts can answer your queries and suggest the appropriate options based on your requirements.

  1. Mods:

    Are you wondering which mod to select? The choice of mod influences your vaping experience. If you are on a budget, a new user or want to indulge only occasionally in vaping, you could select a simpler mod or vape. If you are a slightly experienced vaper or want to enhance your vaping experience, you can select a mod that is pre-loaded with a host of features. You can also choose a mod that packs more power and allows you to customise the settings to enjoy vaping to the fullest.

  1. Double tank mods:

    Double tank mods help you mix and match two different flavours of e-juices. Like many others, you can experiment with two distinct varieties of e-juices until you find a combination that adds to your vaping pleasure. The double tank mods come with a powerful battery and strong coil, along with advanced features.

  1. Replacement coils:

    The coils lose their strength with time and need to be replaced regularly. A burned-out or under-performing coil can ruin your vaping experience and lead to the wastage of precious e-juice. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation or consult with our expert for the replacement of your mod’s coils.

  1. Batteries and tanks:

    A powerful battery in your mod ensures that you get a power-packed performance every time you use your vape. Never buy sub-standard batteries and always replace the battery whenever it dips in performance after heavy or regular uses. As the tanks add to your vaping delight, always use high-quality tanks that are long-lasting and match your vape.

All our products are brand new and come with an applicable manufacturer's warranty. Get complete peace of mind every time you buy products from Majo Vape. You’re sure to find the right product you’re looking for at our store. If you don’t, give us a call and we’ll help you with any issue that you’re facing.

Find all your vaping supplies today and make your vaping experience more enjoyable! You can visit our store in Melbourne, Victoria or check our catalogue and order online. All orders above $99 get free delivery.

Contact us on 04 1458 0976 or email us at today if you have any questions regarding our products. You can also reach out to us if you want to arrange a pickup instead of getting it delivered to your home.