Vape Shop Queensland
Vape Shop Queensland

Leading Online Vape Supplies Store in Brisbane, Queensland for Vaping Products Electronic Cigarettes & E Liquids

Majo Vape is your go-to online store to access a range of superior-quality vaping supplies and electronic cigarettes. We own a renowned vape store online in Queensland where you can get the vaping products delivered to your doorstep. We ship our products in Brisbane, Gold Coast, all over Queensland and our products can reach you within 24 hours.

We provide some of the best e-cigarettes when you choose to buy from our vape shop in Queensland.  We also sell e-juices from top brands like GeekVape, UWELL, Vaporesso, iJOY, and One Hit Wonder along with our best-selling electronic cigarettes in Queensland. All the products we sell are 100% genuine and are proven to be efficient by worldwide brands.

As our business is registered under Australian law, all our products and our actions need to comply with Australian Law. All the products we sell are nicotine-free and we do not stock or sell nicotine vapes in QLD. The products are manufactured in accordance with the safety rules and regulations. Moreover, none of our products are sold to individuals below the age of 18.

Top-Quality Vape Kits at the Best Prices in Brisbane, QLD

One of the keys to having a good vaping experience is the right vape kits.  Get the right supplies to experience vaping at a whole new level.  We sell top-quality vaping products and an extensive range of vaping e-liquids which consist of interesting new flavours. Whether you’re new to vaping or have already done it before, choose the flavour you’d like to experience while vaping in QLD.

Many people have chosen e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes as it’s a better alternative in many ways. Though we don’t claim that this can help stop smoking, vaping can be a healthier option as compared to smoking since it does not contain nicotine. Additionally, the cost spent on vape supplies is much cheaper than that of traditional cigarettes. This is because vapers can be used repeatedly, unlike cigarettes.

When you browse through our website, you’ll find that we also sell accessories along with products like vapers and e-liquids at our vape shop in QLD.  Though all our products are safe to use, it’s always better to know about battery safety and the ohm law.

Various Range of Vape Supplies in Queensland

You can buy a wide variety of products online from our website including the following:

  1. Mods:

    Find all the latest mods with amazing features at our online shop. You can check and compare different models before selecting the one that suits your preference.  We stock and sell the mods of some of the biggest Australian and international brands, giving you more choices.

  2. Starter kits:

    Before you get started on your vaping journey, buy the best-starter kit from Majo Vape. You can also select a starter kit if you are seeking to quit smoking and want to make the switch to vaping. Our starter kit has everything you need to start vaping and you can also consult our in-house experts if you are unsure which kit is good for you.

  3. Coils:

    The coils vaporise the e-liquid and give you the drag and pleasure while vaping. You need to replace the coil of your vape as specified by the manufacturer or when it loses its strength and does not vaporise the e-liquid properly.  You can get the replacement coils for mods of every model and buy them from Majo Vape’s online store.

  4. Batteries:

    A powerful battery is a must to get the best out of your mod.  The battery gives the mod the required power to heat up and vaporise the e-juice. Get a new battery to replace your old one that helps add to your vaping pleasure. You can also buy spare batteries for changing during travel when you do not have access to a power outlet for charging.

  5. E-juices and concentrates:

    E-juices are an integral part of your mod and can make or break the vaping experience. We sell a wide variety of e-liquids in Queensland, be it fruit-based or dessert-based. With varying degrees of PG and VG, these concentrates are one of the top reasons for vaping’s popularity worldwide. Buy the best e-juices online in Queensland at affordable rates from Majo Vape.

  6. Tanks and accessories:

    We also sell a variety of tanks and vaping accessories for your mods, such as battery chargers, battery cases; drip tips, tank glass, etc. Check our online catalogue and order the accessories that you need for your mod.

Why Should You Choose Majo Vape for Your Vaping Needs?

We are committed to offering customers nothing but the best.

Here are some reasons to choose Majo Vape for all your vaping needs:

  • Convenient:

    You can buy the products you need anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you can browse our online catalogue from the comfort of your home. It is also a convenient option for those who want to make their vaping purchases discreetly.

  • More choices:

    Check, compare and then select the mod, e-juices, or accessories that you need. The information for all our products is available online. You can also speak with our experts for more details about any product.

  • Free shipping:

    Get free shipping for all orders above $99 and get your vaping supplies and accessories delivered.

Get top-of-the-line vaping products at competitive prices with Majo Vape. You can contact us anytime if you have any questions regarding our service. If you wish to arrange a pickup, feel free to call our team on 0414 580 976.