Advken Replacement Mesh Coil for Manta Tank


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Advken Replacement Mesh Coil for Manta Tank

Advken Mesh Coil

Model: Manta Tank Mesh Coil

Compatible Model: Manta Tank

Type: Mesh Coil Head

Color: Silver

Resistance Options: 0.16ohm/0.2ohm

Size: 14.7*18.3mm

0.16Ω Best Wattage Arrange: 60W to 80W

0.2ohm Best Wattlage Arrange: 50W to70W

Net Weight(5pcs) 38G

Compatible with: Manta Tank Or Dominator Tank

Package: Capsule Package with Carboard Box

Model Name: Manta Tank Mesh Coil

Model Type: Mesh Coil Head

Material: 304 Stainless Steel and A1

Color: Silver


Resistance: 0.16ohm/0.2ohm

Package: Standard capsule package