OBS Cheetah 2 RDA Tank 24mm

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OBS Cheetah 2 RDA Tank 24mm

The OBS Cheetah II RDA is the updated and more innovative version of the original Cheetah. This revolutionary 24mm atomizer includes all the features an avid builder would want and more.

The most notable feature of the Cheetah 2 RDA is the dual post build deck. Unlike your average RDA deck, this atomizer has two different style terminals per post. The outer-most terminal is a clamp styled post hole that is tightened from the top by a Philips head screw. This clamp is a whopping 3.5mm wide so you don't have to worry if your triple core caterpillar coils will fit, they'll fit in there with some extra wiggle room! The inner terminals are impressive as well with a 3x2mm post hole. Along with fitting massive builds, these holes are raised above the outer clamps so a coil will naturally slide in without any bending of your coil leads.