Rainbow Road by Vapetasia 100ml


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Rainbow Road by Vapetasia 100ml 70VG/30PG

Rainbow Road by Vapetasia 100ml is a fruity cereal cloud explosion in your mouth. Milky, fruity cereal vaping awaits when you take your first inhale and exhale.

Vapetasia has gifted us with their exceptional take on fruity cereal that has been drenched in the richest, creamiest milk. Rainbow Road ejuice tastes like a yummy bowl of childhood, bringing back memories of weekend mornings spent crunching on your favorite breakfast cereal while watching cartoons.

The taste of fruity, crunchy cereal floating in a bowl of silky milk still captivates the sweet tooth unlike anything else. Now, we can vape that delicious flavor without consuming loads of sugar. Rainbow Road ejuice from Vapetasia delivers a stunning replica of that taste combination that satisfies more than anything else.

When you inhale Rainbow Road by Vapetasia 100ml, fruity cereal flavor hits the sweet tooth right where it counts. A combination of bold fruit flavors coated in cereal sugar will bring back memories while satisfying your craving for something sweet. On the exhale, gloriously rich milk completes the flavor experience.

Rainbow Road from Vapetasia comes in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle and is available in three nicotine levels to select from. It has a 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG base, ensuring that you will enjoy a smooth inhale and blow big clouds on the exhale.

Thanks to Vapetasia, we can once again delight in the flavor of our favorite fruity cereal all day long. Rainbow Road ejuice hits the spot and satisfies the most nostalgic sweet tooth.