Wild Roots Premium E Liquid 100ml


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Wild Roots Premium E Liquid 100ml


Pomegranate/Queen Pineapple/Cucumber 100ml (70VG30PG)

Pomegranate, Queen Pineapple, Cucumber Summer in a bottle, well thats what we think! Bursts of pomegranate meet juicy queen pineapple slices and are finished off with a cool wedge of cucumber. Your pallet will truly be left with a taste of summer.

Gold Dust Peach/Goji Berry 100ml (70VG30PG)

Gold Dust Peach, Goji Berry When juicy peaches combine with its super fruit counterpart we have a match made in fruit heaven. Floral, fruity and full of flavour.

Pressed Pear/Pink Lady/Elderflower 100ml (70VG30PG)

Pressed Pear, Pink Lady, Elderflower Country pressed pears coupled with tart pink lady apples marry up perfectly with a sprig of wild elderflower. This curious combination is perfect for warm summer evenings.

Royal Apricot/Forest Blackcurrant/Acai 100ml (70VG30PG)

Royal Apricot, Forest Blackcurrant, Regal by name, royal by definition. Crushed royal apricots blended with forest picked blackcurrants and sprinkled with berries is a flavour that will be loved by all.

Wild Cherry/Find Lemon/Frozen Blueberries 100ml (70VG30PG)

Wild Cherry, Fino Lemon, Frozen Blueberries Shaken wild cherry trees have dropped the juiciest fruits ready to be foraged and brought together with fino lemon slices and cooled off with frozen blueberries. A refreshing all day vape.

Wild Roots | Passionfruit/Wild Mango/Red Apple 100ml

Aromatic passionfruit is complemented by smooth mango, rounded off with a crisp bite of Red Delicious apple. A rich and complex flavour thats perfect for everyday vaping all year round..


E-liquid Ratio: 70VG/30PG