Wotofo Replacement Coils For NexMESH Pro


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Wotofo Replacement Coils For NexMESH Pro 3pcs

NexMESH Pro Coils are perfectly compatible with Wotofo NexMESH Pro Tank.

H11 Single Conical nexMESH: Resistance: 0.20ohm,Power Range: 50-70W, Best At : 60-70W
Iterated from our pioneering conical mesh core, this classic heating structure just rocks.

H12 Clapton Mesh Coi: Resistance: 0.20ohm, Power Range: 40-75W,Best At : 55-75W
Formed into mesh style, the Clapton uses A1 inner wire that is wrapped by Ni80 outer wire to create a brand new vaping experience.

H13 Conical Net Mesh Coil: Resistance: 0.15ohm, Power Range: 50-80W,Best At : 65-78W
Combining high density netting with conical structure design, the Conical Net Mesh Coil is able to bring stronger and denser flavor production.

H15 SINGLE Mesh & Parallel Coil: Resistance: 0.15ohm,Power Range: 50-80W, Best At : 65-80W
Pairing a mesh coil with a parallel wire coil, this Mesh & Parallel Coil heating head can burst unparalleled flavor with ultra-direct sensations to your taste buds.
The first mesh coil & parallel coil combo core in the world!

H18 Triple Mesh Coil: Resistance: 0.15ohm, Power Range: 65-95W, Best At : 80-90W
Triple mesh coil structure, forming a triangle mesh heating network inside, producing thicker vapor while keeping amazing flavor.

H19 Wire & Mesh Quad Coil: Resistance: 0.15ohm,Power Range: 65-95W, Best At: 80-90W
Combining dual parallel coils with dual mesh coils together, the H19 Wire & Mesh Quad Coil balances wire coil's intense heating with mesh coil's soft heating, then doubles their performance in flavor to provide full and richer sensations in every draw.