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Steam Crave Titan PWM Box MOD

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Steam Crave Titan PWM Box MOD

Steam Crave Titan PWM  Box MOD

The Steam Crave Titan PWM is powered by quad 18650 cells, fires up to a maximum output of 300W. The Titan PWM is perfectly compatible with tanks of huge diameter.

Powerful, Simple and Safe to Use

4pcs 18650 in parallel/ series

Variable voltage adjustment

Full safe protections



Size: 41 x 41 x 108mm
Max Power: 300W
Voltage Range: 1V-8.4V
Battery Type: 4 x 18650 cells
Input Current: 45A
Output Current: 60A
Thread: 510

–      The ram up time is 25ms

–      Full safe protections: low voltage protection, short circuit protection, over time protection, over current protection, over discharge protection, over-temperature protection, battery-reverse  protection

–      Overtime Protection<=10s

–      Short-circuit protection>=0.06ohm

–      Low voltage protection>=5.6V

–      Max power 300W

–      input 45A output 60A

           Operation Instruction:

 Power on/off
Press the fire button 5 times quickly, it will show Steam Crave and turn on.
Press the fire button times quickly, it will show Goodbye and turn off
Adjust voltage
Rotate fire button to adjust voltage.
Lock voltage setting
Press the fire button 3 times quickly, it will lock/unlock voltage setting
Start safe vaping!


It comes with:


1x Titan PWM MOD
1x Steam Crave sticker
1x User Manual


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