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The Jam Vape Co 60ml

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The Jam Vape Co 60ml

The Jam Vape Co 60ml 70VG/30PG


Orange Marmalade 60ml

Orange Marmalade is a combination of sweet and tart flavours. On inhale a breezy citrus flavour from the authentic tasting seville orange, which has a sweet aftertaste thanks to the added sugar notes. On exhale the savoury toast adds a buttery finish.

Raspberry Jam 60ml

Raspberry Jam has a tart, yet sugary inhale due to the raspberry flavour notes. Like the real fruit it plays between sweet and slightly bitter for a balance of taste helped by the addition of buttery toast. Like the rest of the range there’s a light sprinkling of sugar for a layered vape.

Lime Marmalade 60ml

Lime Marmalade is sweet with a bitter edge, creating a balanced taste. Throughout your vape there’s a zingy lime, which has a punchy fruit taste – Which blends with butter on toast adding a savoury note.

Strawberry Jam 60ml

Strawberry Jam is probably the sweetest from the entire range, thanks to the delicate yet sugary strawberry flavour base. There’s a syrupy aftertaste with a hint of butter and toast, helping to create an authentic jam taste. Not forgetting a light dusting of sugar for good measure.

Blackcurrant Jam 60ml

Blackcurrant Jam has a dark and sweet taste throughout, the blackcurrant in question is juicy and ripe tasting with a tart twist on exhale. Combined this with powdered sugar, toast, and a hint of syrup; you’re left with a genuine jam flavour.

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