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Drifter-100ml 70VG/30PG

Drifter Sourz Cherry Cola

Cherry Cola - everyone's favourite drink, mashed up with cherry and a sour finish. On the inhale you will experience the familiar coca cola flavour, mashed up with a sweet yet sharp cherry explosion. This will hit your tongue and taste buds. On the exhale the sourness comes into play to finish off this fantastic e liquid.

Drifter Drinks Cool Blue Raspberry

Cool Blue Raspberry is a delicious drink flavour, sweet and sharp summer fruits blended with a smooth icy finish. On inhale you will detect a ripe tasting blueberry flavour straight away with its juicy and sweet notes and a tartness that's intensified by a raspberry note. On exhale, the menthol creates an icy finish softening the fruit notes.

Drifter Sourz Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti - It's Italian for "all fruits, a colorful confectionery of candied fruits and that's the flavour profile you'll experience when you vape Sourz Tutti Frutti by Drifter.Since this is a Drifter e-liquid, though, you know that these fruits are going to come with a healthy sour edge!

Drifter Passionfruit

Drifter Passionfruit is so simple, so perfect. Drift through the summer heat with this sweet passionfruit menthol

Drifter Watermelon

Capturing the flavour of a smooth Watermelon sorbet, Watermelon by Drifter blends a bold, sweet Watermelon flavour, with a chilly menthol burst that'll make your palate tingle with anticipation. Our latest Fruity Menthol offering in the Drifter range is not to be missed!!

Drifter Lychee

Light and tropical with a cool exhale, a smooth base note with added sweet notes and an overall juicy taste. The menthol on exhale is light with icy notes that don't overpower the fruit.

Drifter | Lemon Sherbet

Tangy Lemon sherbet sweets, a true lip-smacking sour lemon! It starts with a tangy lemon flavour on inhale with a punchy citrus note, combined with a sweet lemonade. Hot on its heels is a sherbet flavour with a sour base and a sugary kick for an intense finish.