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Best Mouth to Lung (MTL) Kit

Mouth to lung vaping closely resembles cigarette smoking as you take the vapour from your mouth in a manner that is similar to smoking. No wonder it is a big hit with those switching from cigarettes to vaping.

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What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?

If you are a smoker, you know that smoking involves taking small and sharp drags to inhale the nicotine that travels from the mouth to the lungs.

With mouth to lung vaping, you take longer and smoother draws to enjoy and savour the delight of the flavour in an intense way.

Unlike smoking which only has the usual tobacco or nicotine smell, vaping comes with a huge range of e-juices, from exotic desserts to fruits and even coffee flavour. This enhances and adds to your fun in vaping.

Benefits of Mouth to Lung Kits and MTL Vaping

Are you still not sure if mouth to lung vaping is meant for you? Here are the several benefits of mouth to lung vaping:

  • Satisfying:

    Most vaping lovers and regular users, including the advanced user who use box mods and RDA or RTA tanks, find the switch to mouth-to-lung vaping satisfying. This is caused by the change of pace. You get a better flavour and a better draw with a simpler and uncomplicated form of vaping.
  • Saves Battery:

    Bigger mods use the battery at a higher rate. Meanwhile, a mouth to lung kit ends up saving battery as the process is simple and there is no requirement of continuous power in greater quantities. This means that you do not need a large battery or an expensive mod.
  • Economical:

    As mouth to lung kits use less power, they do not consume a large quantity of e-juice within a short time. This helps you save on the expensive e-liquid. Whether you are a veteran user or a new to vaping, you will learn that e-juices are the major expense of vaping.
  • Discreet

    If you go to a party or a gathering with large clouds of smoke, then mouth to lung vaping is just for you. It is a discrete form of vaping that neither attracts undue attention nor is bothersome for your peers and friends, some of whom may be non-smokers. Due to its compact size, it also takes less pocket space.
  • Fewer clouds:

    Like many users, you also may prefer fewer smoke clouds and more taste. Mouth to lung vaping offers both as it allows you to savour the delight of different flavours of e-juices of your choice and restrict the vapour cloud in the room. Whether you are vaping alone or in a crowded room, this vaping option is equally useful.
  • Different e-liquids:

    The mouth to lung vaping opens up a whole new experience for you. The range of e-juices previously unavailable because of mismatch with RDA and RTA now becomes accessible to you with a simpler form of vaping.

Best E-Juices for Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping

As you may be aware that e-juices used for vaping contain the proportion of PG and VG. For mouth to lung vaping, you need an e-juice that has at least 50% PG.

For best taste and vaping pleasure and to keep things simple, it is best to go with a 50% PG and 50% VG ratio.

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