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Buy Vape Advanced Starter kits Australia-Wide

If you are moving to the intermediate stage in your vaping journey, you need an advanced starter kit. With a huge range of high-grade vape starter kits for advanced vaping, Majo Vape is the supplier of choice for thousands of Australians across the country.

We are home to some of the top brands and offer a huge range of vape mods, e-juices and accessories for all your vaping needs.

How to Select Advanced Starter Kits?

Are you making the switch from pen-shaped or simple e-cigarettes to advanced vaping? The choice of an advanced starter kit becomes critical for you to enjoy safe and pleasurable vaping.

With an advanced sub-ohm vaping mod, you get higher control on various variables that impact your vaping, such as:

  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Resistance

This impacts both the drag and the smoke cloud that affect your vaping pleasure.

At Majo Vape, we have a carefully curated selection of advanced starter kits for vaping that match your interests, requirements and needs.

Every product offered for sale on our website comes from a reputable brand that you can trust.

For the sub-ohm vape mod or kit of your choice, you can browse through our collection or consult with our in-house expert, who will be happy to assist you.

You can select the vape starter kit for advanced vaping based on:

  • Type
  • Brand
  • Wattage
  • Battery type and capacity

All the advanced starter kits that we sell are optimised and designed for sub-ohm vaping.

However, be aware that while most advanced vaping kits can be used easily by experienced vapers, some are slightly more complicated devices that take some effort to master.

If you are not sure, always check with our in-house expert before buying. Another important but often ignored aspect is the battery life. As sub-ohm vaping means higher VG juices and more work for the vape, the drain on the battery is considerable.

You should buy a mod with a bigger battery that has more power and can last longer. This helps you enjoy vaping to your heart’s content without bothering about running out of battery.

You can also buy an advanced starter kit with an external battery. If you have an extra battery that’s fully charged for use, you can continue with your vaping on the go, simply by replacing it.

Another advantage of buying the latest advanced starter kits is that they come with a screen or have easy to operate settings. With this, you can set the wattage and temperature which gives you control over heat and vapour for a pleasurable vaping experience.

Why Majo Vape for Advanced Starter Kits in Melbourne?

Majo Vape is the leading online seller of advanced starter kits across Australia, offering the latest mods, e-juices, batteries and other accessories. We offer:

  • Latest range of vape mods
  • Top brands
  • E-juices
  • Australia-wide delivery
  • Free shipping for orders above $150
  • Guidance and suggestion for different vaping needs

You can also come to our Melbourne store for picking up your vape mod or e-juices.If you have any questions or need assistance, call us on 0414 580 976 or send us an email at and our staff will get back to you quickly.