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Dry herb vapes are increasing in popularity among vape lovers. The drag and delight that they bring to vaping takes your experience to another level.

Inexperienced users often get intimidated and confused with dry herb vapes as they are not your usual ‘plug & play’ or ‘fit & use’ variety of vaping mods.

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Once you learn how to use a dry herb vape, chances are that you would prefer this and recommend this type of vaping to your friends and peers.

Unlike a regular mod that vaporises an e-juice in a tank, a dry herb mod converts the herb into vapour using the coils of the vaporiser. The selection of the herb, grinding, packing it in the tank, the temperature and wattage become important variables to enjoy this form of vaping.

There are many herbs which can be used in dry herb vaping such as Eucalyptus, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lavender, Valerian and many more.

Another advantage of this vaping is that you do not have to depend on packaged concentrations that are sold by the brands. You can use any herb of your choice or use a combination of herbs to make the perfect mix that enhances and enthrals your vaping experience.

How does a Dry Herb Vape work?

A dry herb vape works differently from regular vapes or mods. It heats herbs in the storage tank to create the “herb-vapour” that you can enjoy.

It is considered a refined and less harmful way of vaping and the flavour or “taste” you get is different and unique.

This is unlike the pre-filled and pre-packaged fruit or dessert concentrates that are found in e-juices.

However, you need to research to find out the best herbs as per your taste. You can either use a single herb or a mixture of more than one herb that needs to be grinded together.

You also need to find the right or optimum temperature and wattage at which to use the vape for the best vapour creation.

Getting the Best Out of your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Here are a few quick tips for getting the most out of yourdry herb vaporizer:

  • Fresh Herbs:

    It is also important to grind the herbs into a fine powder before using it in your dry herb vaporizer. You can use a manual or electrical grinder for this purpose.
    Finely ground herbs produce thick vapour that is delightful to savour. Another advantage of grinding is that it expands the surface area of the herb and serves to enhance your experience.
    Take care of how many herbs you grind, as it should fill the chamber but should not leave you with excess herb powder. Excess herb is wasted material as you cannot store it for later use.
  • Low temperature:

    Temperature affects the vaping experience directly. Lower temperature helps you enjoy the flavour to the fullest while vaping and it holds true whether you are using dry herbs or concentrates.
    The low temperature is gentle on the throat and averts overheating or “burn-out” smell that can put you off. You can check and set the low temperature as per your preference. Most experts and experienced vape users recommended a 359-410 F temperature range.
  • High temperature:

    The advantage of higher temperature is that the vapours are thicker. You can either start with a higher temperature setting or as experts suggest you can start with a lower temperature and gradually increase it to the level you desire for quality vaping experience.
  • Optimum herb packing

    Use the right amount of packing or filling of the chamber for best vaping results with a dry herb vaporizer. If you pack too light you will not get enough vapor. Meanwhile, overstuffing the chamber of the mod will restrict the flow of vapour to your mouth.

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