Best Vape Starter Kits in Australia

For those who are new to the vaping world, choosing a vape starter kit is the first step. You may have noticed how young people across Australia are taking to vaping in increasing numbers and for good reason.

Vaping is soothing without the harm caused by conventional tobacco cigarettes that contain nicotine and other toxins.

Whether you are a newbie, wanting to explore the vaping scene or someone who is trying to quit smoking, vaping or e-cigarettes let you enjoy without any of the harmful health hazards associated with cigarettes.

With a huge range of vaping mods, and e-juices that come in exotic flavours, vaping has been gaining popularity in Australia as well as across the world. Majo Vape is one of the largest online sellers of vapour starter kits in Australia.

Benefits of E-Cigarette Starter Kits & Vaping for New Users

There are several benefits of vaping and buying an e cigarette starter kit when compared to regular tobacco cigarettes, such as:

●    Helps you quit smoking
●    Allows you to enjoy the drag minus the heavier toxins
●    Easy to carry, transport, store and use
●    Contains no tar
●    Lack of the awful smell that clings to you
●    No carbon monoxide intake
●    Costs 1/10th of cigarettes
●    Reduction in nicotine intake (up to 0% in non-nicotine e-juices)
●    Starter kit contains a mod, with e juices of your choice
●    Allows you to explore vaping before upgrading to higher-end models
●    Can explore different flavours of e-juices before selecting your favourites

How to Choose a Vape Starter Kit?

Are you wondering how to pick up the perfect vape starter kit for you? Majo Vape is one of the biggest online retailers of all top vape brands based in Melbourne, Australia.

We have a huge selection of vapour starter kits and e-juices for you to choose from. All our products are carefully selected to ensure that they meet the Australian standards for vaping equipment.

This ensures that you get nothing but the best whenever you buy a vaping kit, mod or e-juices from Majo Vape as a quality Australian vape provider.

Here are easy tips to choose your e cigarette starter kit:

●    If you want discreet e-cigarettes, go for a pen-shaped cigarette
●    If you are trying to quit smoking, consider buying an e-cigarette that looks like a traditional cigarette
●    For those new to vaping who want a simple device, a pre-filled e-cigarette could be a great option
●    If you are looking to explore different flavours, go for the refillable mod
●    Beginners can also opt for MTL (Mouth To Lung) devices
●    Do not go for DTL (direct to lung mods) if you are not experienced or do not want more vapour

Why Majo Vape for Vapor Starter Kit?

At Majo Vape in Melbourne, we are passionate about vapes and sell high-quality mods, vape starter kits with juice, a variety of e-juices and accessories to our customers.

We curate and select the best vaping products that are made as per Australian standards. Every product we sell is guaranteed against manufacturing defects and gives you the best vaping experience.

Here is why Majo Vape is the place to buy vaping products:

●    Wide range of products
●    Best brands
●    One-stop-shop for mods, e-juices and accessories
●    Bargaining offers and discounts
●    Australia-wide shipping
●    Free shipping for orders above $150

For your queries on any of our products, feel free to call us on 0414 580 976 or drop us an email at Go ahead and explore all our products and order online today!

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