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Buy Best Pod Vape Kits Online in Australia

Are you looking for a great pod system kit to immerse in the delights of vaping? Majo Vape has a huge collection of latest pods that are long-lasting for you to choose from.

It does not matter if you are new to vaping, someone trying to quit the harmful nicotine-filled cigarettes or a seasoned vape enthusiast. We have a range of vape mods, e-juices and vaping accessories for you.

Shop for the best quality pods by leading brands at attractive discounts on our online catalogue which houses a range of pods and vaping supplies.

Whether you are a regular user or an occasional vapor or a party animal, enjoy a quality vaping experience.

From discreet vaping to showing off your latest mods and creating a mini-cloud of smoke that dazzles and amazes onlookers, there is something for everyone at Majo Vape in Australia.

How to Choose the Best Pod System Kit?

You will be surprised and may feel overwhelmed while choosing from a huge variety of mods. Only a few seasoned vapers know and can order a pod system that is perfect for them.

For the rest, some exploration of flavours and tastes may be necessary. Fortunately, there are some tips and advice by experts that you can use to find a pod that is best suited for you.

With the spread of vaping equipment across Australia, there is a huge spike in demand for e-juices and pods, which has led to more brands entering the market.

As a customer, you can reap huge benefits as you get access to several types of pods at great prices. With constant upgrades, innovation and use of new technology, there is a huge improvement in pods in terms of ease of usage and design.

But how do you choose the ideal pod system kit? That depends on:

●    Class of user (newbie/seasoned/smoker)
●    Usage (Occasional/regular)
●    Style of the user (Discreet/stylish user)
●    Battery size
●    Capacity
●    Refillable or prefilled
●    Mouth to lungs
●    Direct to lungs

Most experts and users favour the refillable pods, as these give you a chance to try out different flavours of e-juices, such as fruit-flavoured, dessert-flavoured or tobacco flavoured.

You can also select between e-liquids that have mild or small quantities of nicotine or are nicotine-free. For someone who is new to vaping, you can select a pod system kit with a lower capacity that creates less smoke or a starter kit that has mod and e-juices.

If you are a regular or seasoned user, you can try out higher-end models that give a stronger drag and create more smoke. You can also select the DTL (direct to lung) pods to enjoy a quality vaping experience.

For a smoker trying to quit by switching to vaping, you can try the e-cigarettes or pods that resemble cigarettes and juices with small quantities of nicotine or tobacco flavoured e liquids that can help you during the transition.

Why Choose Majo Vape for Buying Pod System Kit?

Majo Vape is among the top sellers of pod system kits online in Australia. You will find the best brands along with a wide range of high quality and stylish pods with us.

We store stock and ship several vaping devices and accessories from our Melbourne store to customers across Australia. Enjoy amazing variety, premium brands and huge discounts with Majo Vape.

Browse through our online catalogue or visit our store in Melbourne to pick up a pod system kit, e-juices and accessories. We ship Australia-wide and offer free shipping on orders above $150.

 For more details on any of our products, call us on 0414 580 976 or email us at admin@majovape.com.au. We will be happy to assist and guide you to buy the best vape kits and vape juices.

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