Buy Direct To Lung (DTL) Vape Kits Australia Wide

Direct to Lung -also known as DTL, Direct Lung Hit, Straight to Lung, or D2L- is one of the most popular vaping styles that is commonly preferred by experienced vapers. Vape starter kits are widely preferred as it makes vaping easy. These kits are provided with everything that is required to get you up and running, making the entire process easy and fun.

At Majo Vape, we have an extensive range of Direct to Lung Vape kits, which are designed as per the user's convenience and requirements. We have been supplying premium products to customers across the country.

With us, you will only get the best quality starter kits in Australia at a reasonable price. Products are developed in a way that you do not have to suffer through a complicated configuration process as our devices have minimal setup requirements.

Whichvape kit is ideal for beginners?

Most of us have a vague idea about vaping. People do not have an understanding of what they should choose when they are searching for vape kits.

The most essential aspect to consider is that the kit comes with all the necessary bits and pieces without requiring you to purchase the parts. Usually, you will get a mod, tank, coils and replacement parts. In some cases, you might also get a flavourful e-juice.

At Majo Vape, we have some of the best options available for you. Our collection also has some Direct to Lung Vape kits that are ready to go straight out of the box so that you can vape as soon as it arrives.

You will be able to enjoy intense and powerful flavours that are perfect for seasoned users as well as less experienced ones too.

How should you choose your first vape?

If you are just starting out with vaping, doing some research and keeping it as simple as possible will be a good idea. If you go through the endless range of options available with Majo Vape, you might often find it a bit overwhelming.

This is the reason why we also have a range of starter Direct to Lung Vape kits which is the ideal option. Eventually, you will learn what you like and what works the best for you.

How to take a Direct to Lung Vape hit?

Are you unsure of how to use Direct to Lung Vape kits? Don't worry, we’ve got your back. Follow the steps mentioned below and make the most of your vaping experience!

You have to slowly and steadily draw the vapour directly into your lungs without sucking or puffing on the mouthpiece. Using the vape device to 'breathe through' will enable you to effectively bypass the mouth. So try to imagine being asked to take a deep breath; that's all you need to do.

As soon as you feel the vapour hit your lungs, exhale normally. So, if you are looking for high quality Direct to Lung Vape kits in Melbourne, then Majo Vape can be your one-stop destination. Call us on 0414 580 976 to know more details today!